Doctors consulting

Task: to create 3 banners for site page to illustrate the advantages of this online consultation system.

Official site:

The online consultations "Centrmed" is the saas where the visitors can turn to specialists with a question about health, and specialists - to realize their experience and apply knowledge on practice. The site has a system of paid consultations and there is also an opportunity to discuss the problem for free - at a public forum.

A set of banners for the main page of the site about cooperation and partnership, online consultation mode, sms and video communication.

The system allows you to conduct consultations in a convenient mode for the patient, namely: a call to a mobile phone, a video call using the skype, e-mail.

The patient's data card is available to the doctor in system mode.

With the help of the system doctors and patients live in harmony with their time and receive favorable conditions.

The choice of experts for counseling is available to every patient in system mode.

More numbers of consultations make your rating upper.

Simple registration for each participant.