Logo & Branding

Caffe Paradiset. Coffee roasting business

Task: Create a logo for "Kaffe Paradiset" (Coffee Paradise in swedish).

The logo shall be suited for coffee roasting business.
The though and vision is to have a clean and a bit more exclusive feeling of the logo. (Little bit, to stay away from the brown coffee feeling).
And the main graphics line will be black in the brand line. A clean exclusive logo look.

When You drink this coffee you shall fell honored and little exclusive.
It is not a regular-everyday-coffee.

Logo at  smaller and smallest formats:

Examples of use logo:

Process of creating logo:

First ideas:
1. United symbols of sun (paradise), hot, roasted and coffee bean
2. Roasted coffee beans increase in 2 times+symbol of angel wings (paradise)
3. Embodiment of paradise

First sketches:

Design outlines and founding perfect form: